All You Need Are Speakers, Decks, A Crowd And Some Bangin’ Music

Oisin Baber takes it old school as he reflects on the resurgence of vinyl, what this means for sales and the “weird electronic vintage youth”


Ever since the early 80’s underground and mainstream EDM (Electronic Dance Music) have been the choice for clubs around the globe. From screaming dubstep to soothing liquid drum and bass, there have been many sub genres. But everyone has their favourite.

House music is arguably the most popular of all. Whether you’re into Tech, Deep, Dutch, or don’t even know what house music is, when the DJ throws on a classic you will loose yourself in the repetitive drum patterns and bass lines. Its impossible not to nod your head or flip out when the drop hits the speakers. There’s no middle ground.

But how was the music distributed and mixed? Good ol’ reliable vinyl. Ever since the first pressed record and assembled technic deck, the DJ has obtained a godly status that has remained for decades. Back to vinyl, in the year 2013 sales shot up by 101% and has been the biggest sale of vinyl since 1997 with a massive 780,000 units sold.

It’s no wonder both EDM and vinyl are becoming increasingly more popular everyday. It’s all down to the weird electronic vintage youth. Hand-me-down tweed, whistles and glow sticks? Yes please, I can’t get enough. This old and new mish-mash of cultures (along with the internet) has really kicked the EDM culture into gear. Not to mention the cheap 80’s/90’s explosive vinyl hits found in a car boot sale for 50p!

If you don’t own a record player or cord trousers you need to go pick yourself up both. Times are-a-changing and I’d hate for you to be left behind and all.

Oisin B - DJ Koi

Oisin Baber | DJ Koi


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