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Paragon duo interviews featured artist Ddark

Artist2Artist is our fresh series where we invite creatives to interview each other as we creatively capture and provide insight with an edge. Following the release of their latest track 2bad, Paragon get chatting to featured artist Ddark

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My Head Hurts: My Mum Gave Me The Gift Of Speech

There has never been a subject too awkward, too rude or too personal that I have not been able to share with my mum. She understood talking about my mental health was extremely important and looking after it was a priority. In some way she was my therapist, only she prescribed cups of tea and a good gossip.

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Creative Women Of Colour We Should All Be Talking About

It’s no secret the representation of women and people of colour is pitiful. Unsatisfied, as many are, and looking into the creative industry in particular, Paige took matters into her own hands and has spotlighted creative women of colour we should all be talking about. To see her full CWoCWSBTA…

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