Issue II

Once again this issue contains authentic, passionate, engaging pieces. From Nocturnal exclusives of incredible artists, both visually and aurally, to Secret Garden Party coverage (can you spot yourself or a friend? Facebook us to let us know!) to offers and prizes inside. We’ve really spoiled you this issue so get in the know and share with friends!

Bad Taste

It’s festival season and it’s only right to talk things glitter, live music, and pop. Jon shares insight into his self-proclaimed bad taste in music, which sees him front and centre at Pyramid Stage immersed in the “wonderfully divisive genre that is ‘pop‘” My first gig was a Beyoncé concert. I love…

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All White Everything

T’is the season for all white everything. Looking into Ni’s Wardrobe, Niké explains her wardrobe’s drastic change of colour to fit the summer season – and on a budget!  Yes, I just used a huge cliché, but I had to! ‘Tis the season for all white everything. I think it is…

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