Issue IV

Bigger and better than ever before, this issue has been launched in sync with our new, brand spankin’ website. Almost quadruple in size to our previous issues, we have expanded in order to widen our outreach of Creatives to bring to you a jam packed read, watch and listen of opinionated Millennials. From discussing Kanye’s love for Kanye, to addressing the ins and outs of ‘Heirlooms’; specifically looking into what, individually or as a society, has been passed down to us; this issue features special exclusives, storytelling and highlights from our recent collaborations. Don’t be shy, interact with it to your hearts content and send our new Twitter some love with a follow and a tweet on your Issue IV thoughts: @nctrnlmag_

My Head Hurts: My Mum Gave Me The Gift Of Speech

There has never been a subject too awkward, too rude or too personal that I have not been able to share with my mum. She understood talking about my mental health was extremely important and looking after it was a priority. In some way she was my therapist, only she prescribed cups of tea and a good gossip.

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Creative Women Of Colour We Should All Be Talking About

It’s no secret the representation of women and people of colour is pitiful. Unsatisfied, as many are, and looking into the creative industry in particular, Paige took matters into her own hands and has spotlighted creative women of colour we should all be talking about. To see her full CWoCWSBTA…

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We invited people to step into Nocturnal’s makeshift home to celebrate the new website launch and a brand new bangin’ issue release with a night of live performances, spoken word, a fashion show and DJs, as well as prizes throughout the night and interactive installations by Ella Schofield-Lake. The support we received leading…

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