Issue IV

Bigger and better than ever before, this issue has been launched in sync with our new, brand spankin’ website. Almost quadruple in size to our previous issues, we have expanded in order to widen our outreach of Creatives to bring to you a jam packed read, watch and listen of opinionated Millennials. From discussing Kanye’s love for Kanye, to addressing the ins and outs of ‘Heirlooms’; specifically looking into what, individually or as a society, has been passed down to us; this issue features special exclusives, storytelling and highlights from our recent collaborations. Don’t be shy, interact with it to your hearts content and send our new Twitter some love with a follow and a tweet on your Issue IV thoughts: @nctrnlmag_

SkatePAL Adventures

Travelling to Palestine to teach the kids how to skateboard and assist the build of a new skate park, Sirus reflects on his SkatePAL adventures. During his time on the West Bank he shot a short doc to show the incredible work SkatePAL does for young Palestinians during an ongoing…

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A Year In Fashion

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry and we often get caught up season by season with no time to reflect. Kori takes a look into a year in fashion and what moments and collections stood out as innovative and captivating from the previous year. From Candice Swanepoel’s Givenchy tumble, a Valentino…

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