All White Everything

T’is the season for all white everything. Looking into Ni’s Wardrobe, Niké explains her wardrobe’s drastic change of colour to fit the summer season – and on a budget! 

Yes, I just used a huge cliché, but I had to! ‘Tis the season for all white everything. I think it is the only colour that feels right at the moment. You and I both know the weather has been so wonderful and I have had to convert from all black everything after realising that wearing black in the sun is like water torture – it kills you slowly.

So here is the dilemma, I spent all of my time and money filling my wardrobe with multiple black versions of everything to find that I had gradually filtered out anything that even whispered colour and when the sun came out, I was left with only the drab and dark black clothing. Oh how miserable!

I decided that it was time to replenish my wardrobe with something fresh and clean: white was the answer. Can you tell that I’m a monochrome kind of girl?

With my very limited budget after spending on summer, I had to look to the heavens for answers: I needed clothes to go with my White Vagabond Dioon Sandals (My favourite summer shoes). I took to the charity shops one afternoon and managed to find myself some gorgeous high-waisted cropped trousers in white for £4.50. I was overjoyed. I have so much faith in charity shops and although sometimes my faith in them is shaken, I realise that they are often the only way.


Along with a few other goodies from H&M, Zara and our beloved Primark, I’ve managed to build quite a nice little collection which should be sufficient, at least for a little while.

So why was I so adamant about refreshing my wardrobe? Of course, it’s uncomfortable to wear black in the sun and it’s not the most fashionable thing either but I felt that it was affecting my mind set too. Wearing all black can be pretty draining and although it’s the perfect way to blend in, it just seemed to cloud my thoughts sometimes. Perhaps that sounds a little melodramatic and maybe it is all in the mind but I definitely think that wearing more refreshing colours can have a positive effect on your thoughts.

So All White Everything is definitely what I’ll be trying out this summer, that’s not to say that black won’t return for A/W but look out for Nike the angel in white!

Nike Fleming | @sheismaxine

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